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We don’t really think there is anything you can buy that can replace the nesting days–except of course the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier. We made this offer just for you to use if you are expecting — or will be expecting soon! Get the baby carrier checked off your list early so you can focus on the more important things.


heart to heart, skin to skin

Nesting Days ErgonomicsBeen thinking about baby ergonomics, and how much time I spent getting this carrier just right! Nesting Days is the only baby carrier created just for the newborn’s unique ergonomic needs.




Honoring lessons from the past and bringing new ones to life


When I was in college studying Early Childhood Education at the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute in Detroit Michigan, I had the good fortune of having a teacher named  Luella Lutz.

I credit Mrs. Lutz for sparking the passion in me that still burns bright, forty years later, and has lead me to this point in my life, and to Nesting Days.

While I was her student this grey haired lady (she was younger than I am now)  went to Botswana, Africa to study the child rearing practices of the bush people, and came back to share her stories with us and her theories about ‘nurturing’.

One story that has stayed with me all my life, and is responsible in part for the creation of the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier, is the story she told about how the mothers held their babies out over a bush when they had to urinate or move their bowels. (There were no diapers in the village.)

Amazed at how easily they did this, she asked them how they knew when their baby needed to relieve themselves? Their answer was simply, “how do you NOT know?”

Her teaching technique was Socratic, and she left us on our own to come up with an explanation, without ever telling us ‘the answer’.

I ask you, the reader,  how do you think the mothers knew? (Hint: the point of this story in not about early potty training!)

Recently, neuroscience has rediscovered the wisdom of these ‘primitive’ women, and has presented us the answer: skin-to-skin contact not only stimulates the newborn’s innate survival instincts and reflexes, enabling it to survive, but also the mother’s maternal instincts and her ability to bond and care for her young.

My teacher could have told them that 40 years ago and saved a lot of new mothers a lot of hear-ache. I know my teacher would be delighted to see these changes taking place as a new generation has access to the latest research and tries to reconcile it with the vestiges of the past hundred years, which pretty much said the opposite and saw the woman in Botswana as uneducated and backward (my teacher being the exception).

I’m am also confident that she would be very proud of the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier I’ve invented and would want me to have it reach as many new mothers and their babies as possible, across all economic and social segments and around the world, and that is my plan!

However, she also instilled in me the realization that the human nest is more than a place. Our nests are where the roots of love are sewn and the early experiences in the first three months of life can have a profound effect on a little life.

With her, and all of the mothers and babies I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since then, I’ve created a workshop that explores the union of recent scientific breakthroughs and ancient wisdom, and how to use that information to create the optimal environment for  your newborn.

I’ve called it, The Art of Nesting, to honor the lessons of the past and to bring new ones to life. 

This workshop is really for anyone who is in interested in learning about the newborn’s natural habitat and how it shapes the infant’s world, but is especially helpful for expecting moms and parents with newborns.

We will delve into the role skin-to skin plays in both the newborn’s and mother’s well being and glimpse the world through the ‘senses’ of the newborn.  We will look at how quieting your analytical left-brain can free your intuitive right brain, rediscover the power of instinct and intuition and explore some old and some new techniques in breastfeeding and newborn care.  And finally, there will be time for Q&A, and a practical guide to take home with you to help you make the most of your nesting days.

The location of the workshop is at the beautiful new business hub called NextSpace, at 365 Vermont Street, on Potrero Hill.

I hope to see you there!


Your Chief Mother Officer

our first workshop!

Come join us for our first workshop:

Nesting Days the Art of Nesting Workshop

The Art of Nesting

Creating the optimal environment for your newborn

If you thought that the ‘nesting instinct’ was just about buying cute tiny clothes and outfitting a nursery, think again! The latest evidence-based research is placing a new importance on ‘nesting’, and it has nothing to do with what you buy and everything to do with you.

Your skin, your body, your ability to learn baby cues, your milk, your attention and how you ‘attach’. Sound scary? Fear not! It turns out Mother Nature did an amazing job preparing you for the task of nurturing your baby.

You are a remarkable nest.

In this workshop you will learn about the innate infant instincts, mommy instincts, the importance of skin-to-skin, laid back breastfeeding, and baby body language. It is an exciting time to be having a baby! It is your time! Enjoy it to the fullest. It will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Saturday, November 9th 10:30am – noon
NextSpace Potrero Hill, 365 Vermont Street, San Francisco

RSVP here on eventbrite.  All mothers, dads and babies are welcome.

In the hood! overstimulation is fun for us grownups, but newborns need something different…

Everyday I look out my window from the dining room/now home office and think about how lucky I am to be in San Francisco! I’m a bit tired after a busy weekend at the Potrero Hill Festival and a Mom meet up, but it was well worth it!

I’ve been a part of the Potrero Hill community for the past 15 years and the 24th annual Potrero Hill Festival was a true representation of what I love about this community–the people. In between greeting and sharing our carrier, I soaked up the sun and watched the new families flutter around me, aspiring to hold on to the values that are important to them.


There’s an artistic spirit that is alive and flourishing. Not only did the inhabitants of Potrero Hill find a home for their families, they found a home for their creativity. Beyond these borders, this city still carries a strong alternative pulse, where out-of-the-box thinking has always been a trademark in its history.

The people here are socially responsible, actually gardening in the community, promoting sustainability and are actively dedicated to nurturing each other. I realized this is my little nest. A nest is sheltering, but it doesn’t have to be confining. It’s there for you when you need it and helps you deal with the outside world.

A nearby business owner approached to ask questions with interest for her expecting daughter-in-law. She wore a piece of the former Bay Bridge lights as a necklace, a rare homage to a staple in San Francisco history. Another one of our new moms came along and agreed to join forces with Nesting Days as a graphic artist, all while she tried on her new carrier for size. As the day pushed on, under a gorgeous Indian summer sky, another woman stopped to inspect Nesting Days. After what seemed like a thorough once-over, we anticipated a million questions about our carrier. She surprised us with only one, “Can I fit my dog in this?”. That’s San Francisco for you!


Amidst all the activity at the Potrero Hill Festival, I realized how often we are over stimulated. Generally this is great, though sometimes a bit overwhelming. While my nest is Potrero Hill, full of an active kind of creative nurturing, we need to provide newborns with a much different kind of nest.

The latest evidence has shown that neurologically newborns cannot self soothe or tune out on their own. They need your help to deal with the overstimulation of our world. The nest that Nesting Days creates is a much more intimate, safer space for you to be with your baby and learn the cues that will tell you what they need. I’ve had some moms approach me for tips on how to use the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier and I am happy to help out–just email me!  I’ll also be sharing some  tips in our upcoming newsletter and hosting a workshop on November 9th on The Art of Nesting, were we will really dive into recreating the human nest outside the womb.

Until then, happy nesting!


Meet When at Home’s Kristen!

Kristen from When at Home reviews our carrier!

Kristen from When at Home just reviewed our carrier! We love her blog and her beautiful photos. She has the best how to put on series:

Kristen from When at Home took this series!! We love it!

I can vouch for every single point. Emery has lived in this thing since it arrived and it has done WONDERS for my piece of  my mind.  I wish I’d discovered it before he was born because he’s almost at the weight limit right now. The carrier is designed specifically for newborns, which is what makes it so fantastic. You don’t have to try to make it work with inserts and adjustments, like with other carriers. This cradles the baby and provides the skin to skin comfort that is so essential for those precious new lives. Also, it was designed with the postpartum body in mind, so the fabric fits tight around the belly, not only to give support to the baby, but to help shape that after baby belly. –Kristen

Read the rest of her post on her blog When at Home here!