This summer is promising to be a scorcher, and I wanted to remind all mothers that babywearing can get pretty toasty, and to take a break when you get too hot. 

Over Memorial Day weekend I received these sweet pictures from first time moms, Katie, of Roseville, CA, where the temperature was over 90, along  with the caption, “I’m wearing Ben in your carrier right now!  I love it and he seems to as well.  He is fast asleep!

I LOVE hearing from moms, and always reply, but I was also thinking about the heat, and wrote back, “Hi Katie, Great! Just remember, on a hot day like today, take breaks— or move inside where it is cool. When you are too warm, so is Ben.’

Katie emailed me back a few minutes later to thank me for the reminder and to say she was moving inside where it is cooler. 

Being skin-to-skin has lots of benefits, but it also generates body heat.
Let your own body be your guide…when you’re too warm, so is your babytake a break.



Your Chief Mother Officer

Stay Close to Nature

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 5.05.35 PM

We’re at our cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains for the weekend. It sits on ten acres of wilderness on the San Juan Ridge just outside of Nevada City. We bought the property twelve years ago and slowly turned an old barn into a sweet cabin. Recent rains have turned everything around us a vivid green, the  birds are singing, and spring has sprung.

IMG_0440Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 5.11.11 PM

 I drew the plans myself, and got them through the planning commission on the first try. I wanted the round, smooth rocks of the Yuba River to be the grounding force of the cabin, and the exterior to blend into the landscape. George and I spent weekends hunting through salvage yards for windows and doors, and the doug fir plank flooring from an old Oakland warehouse to give it ‘character’, and also save money.  I hunted through boxes of Heath Tile seconds to find enough to do the kitchen counter tops (which I laid myself) and their buttery tones became the color scheme.  The cabin literally glows, inside and out.  To transport everything, we bought a truck, which I love driving to this day, and when I’m here, I feel at peace.

photo (21)

 I needed to blog more…but the day is coming to and end and I’m going to enjoy it. I’ll leave you with this poem, that pretty much sums it up.

“I Meant To Do My Work Today”

by Richard LeGallienne

I meant to do my work today,

But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,

And a butterfly flitted across the field,

And all the leaves were calling me.

And the wind went sighing over the land,

Tossing the grasses to and fro,

And a rainbow held out its shining hand,

So what could I do but laugh and go?

Happy Nesting Days!


Chief Mother Officer

More twins!

Meet the Morrow twins, Elizabeth and Annabel!

The girls were born 7 weeks early and weighed just over 3 pounds at birth. After 4 weeks in the NICU the twins, healthy and tipping the scales at 5 pounds, came home.  Their mom, Jenny, had a freezer full of breast milk waiting, and their dad, Scott, had two of everything ready. I was invited over to greet the babies and tuck them in skin to skin against Jenny’s heart, which was literally bursting with joy.

Elizabeth and Annabelle Morrow

Elizabeth and Annabel Morrow

For the first six weeks home the twins shared the space in their Nesting Days carrier, but thanks to all that breast milk, the girls have doubled in size!  Each now weighs almost 9 pounds and are now ‘taking turns’.

“It was great when I could fit them both in the carrier together, but now that they are bigger, it is also great to be able to tuck one baby in while I hold the other.  Nesting Days is is still a huge help!”.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.26.24 PM

I’m so happy that the girls are thriving, and Scott and Jenny, you’re both awesome!  xoxo, Julie


Meet the Arevalo Family!

I received these pictures along with a sweet email this week, and I couldn’t wait to share them! It is Nesting Days stories like this that make my heart sing!

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 3.41.17 PM
Please send us your pictures, and share your story!

Julie, Your Chief Mother Officer

Our 2014 Mission


Our 2014 Mission:  

To nurture the next generation of…

babies…                         mothers…                  families…

– less crying time, colic and reflux     – more relaxed days & nights        – more freedom
– improved nursing & weight gain     – enhanced breastfeeding            – less ‘baby blues’
– optimal infant development            – optimal recovery                       – peace of mind


Skin-to-skin nurturing…priceless!

Happy New Year!  – Julie, C.M.O.

Baby + Baby Grand

Baby and Baby Grand Meet a happy, San Francisco, mother who is putting her Nesting Days Newborn Carrier to good use this holiday season! Her name is Anna Smirny, and I was able to hand-deliver her Nesting Days Newborn Carrier to her this week, just in time for Christmas. When I arrived at her home in Potrero Hill we went straight to the bedroom where five-day old, baby Coral, was sleeping, and I helped Anna slip into her carrier:

  • Step in, pull the tummy support up to bra line, smooth the skirt over hips. 

    Anna liked the feeling of the gentle compression over her postpartum figure.
  • Raised left shoulder wing, put baby in burp position on shoulder, lower baby in.

    Easy! Baby Coral never even woke up!
  • Raised right shoulder wing, tie snuggly over baby’s back, adjust shoulder rings. 

    Anna did a little twirl and was amazed at how secure Coral felt nested against her!
  • (Go to http://nestingdays.com for more detailed instructions. New video coming soon.)

Happily ‘nested,’ we joined the rest of the family in the living room where three-year old, Arden, was playing catch with his Dad, Rex, and parents from Australia!

In the middle of the room was a gleaming Baby Grand Piano. Anna quietly sat down at the keyboard with Coral in the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier. As she began to play the room filled with the strains of a Chopin Waltz. Baby Coral never stirred. She had heard her mother play this melody, and many other beautiful compositions before she was born. Anna is an accomplished, classical pianist!

“It feels so good to play. I think I can resume teaching piano lessons sooner than I expected”, she said, with her eyes brimming with happy tears. Arden sensed his mother’s emotions and needed hug. Anna cuddled her three-year old with her newborn still asleep in the Nesting Days Newborn Carrier and I snapped a parting picture.

I left more committed than ever to making sure more moms and babies can benefit from having a Nesting Days Newborn Carrier! Anna emailed me today that she is able to breastfeed in it!

If you happen to live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, please contact me by email julie@nestingdays.com or by phone 415-906-4047, and I’ll be happy to give you the same personalized attention I gave Anna. I love seeing my invention at work!

Happy Nesting! – Julie, Your Chief Mother Officer

P.S. – If you are looking for a great piano teacher, Anna Smirny lives in Potrero Hill and is accepting new students. She can be reached by email at If you are looking for a great piano teacher, Anna Smirny is accepting new students and can be reached at annasmirny@hotmail.com