It was hard to put SOLD OUT on my original Nesting Days designs. So many mothers
and babies have loved the original polka dot and floral designs.

New Collection

While Iʼve been excited about the two new version I was working on, it wasnʼt in my
plans to discontinue the original prints, but, as is so often the case, things donʼt always
go exactly as planned. The company who supplied me with the prints unexpectedly
stopped doing printing, but could sell me the fabric. I felt confident I could find a fabric
printer on the West Coast who could execute the printing, and ordered the yardage. I
tried first in San Francisco, and then in Los Angeles. Iʼve been here for three days, but
so far, no one can duplicate the printing process. Thereʼs a chance that I can bring
these back, but I had to make the hard decision last night to take them off the site.
These may be ʻcollectorsʼ items in the future!

Iʼve been getting requests for an all black version and an organic cotton version and
went to work months ago to develop these new styles. I think they will be winners! The
mid-August delivery date looks good, and Iʼll keep updating you on the ʻdelivery dateʼ,
incase they come early. The nylon has the same soft but strong compression as the
original, and the organic cotton has a slightly more relaxed compression, but both
provide hands free babywearing and gentle body shaping. Feel free to email me with

To introduce our two new styles, we are offering a discount of 20% on orders placed between July 17 to August 17. When you place your pre-orders be sure to note your ʻdelivery
dateʼ or ʻshower dateʼ so I can get you yours in time. If youʼve already ordered a polka dot or floral, Iʼve been saving a handful for you and Iʼll be emailing you in the next few days about
your order. If you can wait until mid-August, and prefer one of the new styles, Iʼm happy to make the change to your order. The 20% only applies to purchases made at full-price.

So, thatʼs the news from the nest. Being the Chief Mother Officer is a little like being a new mother. Each new day brings new surprises.

Chief Mother Officer
Nesting Days Newborn Carriers

20% off Discount Code ʻPRE-ORDERʼ July 17 to Aug 17


Olivia’s Story


When Olivia’s mother, Alexis, wrote me to tell me about how Nesting Days had helped her and her family care for Olivia I was deeply touched. Olivia was born with Prader-Willi syndrome, and Alexis has graciously let me tell her family’s story so that other families with special needs babies might also ‘nest’ their babies safely and gently, skin-to-skin and heart-to-heart.

Dear Julie,

I purchased your floral carrier at the end of February, our baby girl was Olivia - Composite_NICUdue at the beginning of March. She was born
March 3, 2014 in Stockton CA. Two days later she was transferred to UCSF in San Francisco. We packed up our whole family and ended up there for a month. I didn’t know anybody in SF and almost emailed you to see if you could come sit with me in the hospital. Our baby, Olivia was hooked up to so many wires and had hypotonia (floppy baby) so holding her and bonding with her was hard. She was full term and none of the nurses offered any skin to skin time, her condition scared me and I worried about holding her properly.  

A month later she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome, she has a feeding tube and low muscle tone. Even now at 3 months old she can’t hold her head. When we got her home on April fourth I wasn’t sure if I could use your carrier with her special needs (thought about emailing you again). I carefully put her in, making sure not to put pressure on her tube, the fabric strongly supports her head, the position of her neck and head I wasn’t worried about her suffocating. For the first time since her birth I felt like we could bond! She is now 3 months old and weighs 11+ lbs and 23 inches long. I tried to put her into an ergo carrier the other day and that isn’t going to work for quite awhile….she just doesn’t have the muscle tone to sit properly in them.

I wanted to let you know how much I love your carrier, it’s been the only one I can use for her special needs and has given me the opportunity to bond and love on her, that it wouldn’t have had otherwise. If she can continue to use your carrier for a few more months I’ve toyed with the idea of ordering your polka dot one, love that fabric!

– Alexis


A week later, I met the whole family when they returned to UCSF. Alexis really is a beautiful as she is in her pictures, Isaiah (7) loves to make Olivia smile, Addison (2) napped the whole time in the giant double stroller (Olivia occupies the seat next to her), and Kurtis, well, he is their ‘rock’. Alexis put on the polka dot Nesting Days I brought with me, and modeled it right away. Olivia clearly loved being heart to heart with her mom.  Alexis pumped and fed Olivia her breast milk via a feeding tube in her tiny tummy.
Olivia - Composite w_stroller

Today, I received a video of Olivia, and I was delighted to see how she has grown!  She is a baby greatly loved.

Being a parent requires us to respond to the vulnerability and dependency of another human being, and in Olivia’s case, that vulnerability and dependency is even more pronounced. Alexis and Kurtis know they have a long road ahead of them.

Nesting Days has made a donation to the Prader-Willi California Foundation to help families with Prader-Willi syndrome, and the professionals who serve them.

In the words of Jane Austen, “There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.”


Julie Arvan

Your Chief Mother Officer



New Review & Giveaway by 7x7xMommy!

We love reading what our customers and bloggers think of our carrier! Check out this review by 7x7xMommy and click through to her site to see more photos of Nesting Days in action and enter to win one of your own!


Once I pulled the Nesting Days carrier out of its adorable packaging, I had a great feeling about it because the fabric was so soft, the instructions seemed clear, and I loved that it was black and white (so it would go with my entire “wardrobe” which consists of primarily black workout pants). And once I put the carrier on I realized how incredibly comfortable it was…it was like an extension of the yoga pants I was wearing but it actually served an incredibly useful purpose – it helped me hold my baby hands free!

Now that we’re five weeks into Caroline’s life, I have come up with the following takeaways from my experience with the Nesting Days carrier ::

  1. It is extremely comfortable
  2. Caroline loves being close to my chest and my heartbeat, so it’s the perfect place to make her happy
  3. After a little practice, it’s easy to get on and adjust
  4. It makes skin to skin time easy (especially with how busy I can be with the other girls)
  5. It’s easy to care for
  6. It’s pretty – I can’t say that about my other carriers!

And since this is an honest review, I have discovered one aspect that leads me to wear it almost exclusively at home. It’s the fact that I have to pull it on from the bottom up. Since I’m typically running around like a chicken with my head cut off when I’m out and about, I have found that it can be hard to get the carrier on as quickly as I’d like to. That being said, when I’m home I will put it on in the morning and leave it on all the time since it’s so comfortable – I could never do that with a Bjorn or other carriers that have hard, uncomfortable parts!

Read the rest of the review here and share the giveaway with your friends! 

Get Ready for the Ride of a Lifetime

At our son’s engagement party several years ago, his father gave a beautiful toast in front of friends and family gathered in our garden in San Francisco.  He ended it by singing Moon River. It was ‘our song’ back in 1970. Even after all these years he still could surprise me…and take my breath away!

Little did we know back then that our journey on the Moon River would be 44 years and counting…that many of our dreams would came true, but not all of them…that our hearts would break, but not be broken…and that the river would have so many surprises in store for us.

Moon River 1970

And just when it seems like we’ve seen and done it all…there is another bend in the river…another rainbow to chase (Nesting Days for me)…and the realization that when you open yourself up to life, you are bound to have the ride of your life.

Perhaps the biggest lesson the Moon River has helped me learn is  to appreciate the person I’ve shared this journey with, my husband, George.  At the tender age of twenty-two he took on the responsibilities of fatherhood, and never looked back. He did it all ‘in style’. I took this picture of him this morning as he was going off to work at Chubbies (he’s wearing Chubbies shorts) . Why do men just get more handsome with age?

Father's Day || Moon River

This Father’s Day, I want to say thank you to the incredible man who has made my trip down the Moon River such an amazing journey.

Here is link to the version of Moon River that Andy Williams recorded in 1970. I know it is old (like us) but it might help you stop for moment and think about who has helped you on your journey through life, and to thank them from the bottom of your heart.

For all the new and expecting moms and dads who are reading this, do a little dance to ‘your song’, and get ready for the ride of your life!


Your Chief Mother Officer



Happier Breastfeeding : When Leaning in Doesn’t Work, Try Leaning Back!

I’ve asked Kristen LaValley to tell her story in this post about breastfeeding, and she has graciously accepted my invitation. She has a wonderful blog, When At Home, with many loyal followers, and has been a Nesting Days since she used it with her second baby. She is also helping me out with social media. Being the Chief Mother Officer of Nesting Days is a big job, and I appreciate her help tremendously! – Julie

Kristen’s story:

When I was pregnant with my first son, I realize I knew zero about breastfeeding. The first person I’d ever really seen nurse a baby was my sister in law and it terrified me. So when we started reading all the baby books to get us “ready” for the baby (HA. Right. Thanks, books for teaching me so much.), I started to realize that nursing wasn’t as easy as I thought it was.

Book after book after book. I read everything. Nipple confusion, latch problems, let down problems, what to do when your milk supply dwindles, what to eat, where to sit in your house, something about cabbage and fennugreek and things that were just totally foreign to me. When Jonah was born and I asked the nurse if I should try to breastfeed him, she laughed at me. When I was having trouble feeding him, and he wasn’t latching on or eating, they threw a nipple shield at me. The nurse threw it on top of my chest and walked out of the room. My husband and I looked at each other totally confused and fumbled around trying to figure out what it was supposed to do.

So here I was, with this wealth of knowledge on how to breastfeed and I couldn’t do it. I fumbled. I fought. I cried. We struggled for 6 months and then I just gave up. The books weren’t helping me. In retrospect, I realize that instead of looking to books when we had a problem, I should’ve just been doing what felt natural. But I didn’t know what my instincts were, much less that I should trust them.

With my second baby, I used the Nesting Days newborn carrier. I enjoyed more skin-to-skin, and breastfeeding came more naturally. Breastfeeding isn’t something you learn so much, as it’s something you do, and  I had learned to trust myself and my body. I had to let go of the ‘rules’ and learn to sit back and enjoy the endless hours of nursing.  I knew this time they would end sooner than I wished.BabywearingNestingDays

As the creator of Nesting Days, Julie has done her research.  Here are two resource references I thought would interest you, and we will be sharing many more in coming blogs.

The first is this story about premature babies at a remote hospital in Zimbabwe in 1994. It is the beautiful example of how simple and natural caring for babies should be. These premie babies were given 24/7 skin to skin care and the mamas beds were propped up at a 30 degree angle so they could rest and recover while holding their babies.  This kept mama comfortable and baby (laying against mom’s chest) was in no danger of chin to chest compression or breathing inhibitions. The babies thrived without incubators and very little intravenous feedings. The mother was the incubator and her milk was the baby’s main source of nutrition.

The second is about “laid back nursing”, based on the work of social anthropologist, Susan Colson, who traveled the world observing how mothers in other cultures nursed their baby. Dr. Colson found that most reclined slightly, with their baby’s weight fully supported on their own bodies. She observed that this ‘laid back’ position provided greater comfort for the mother, more skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby, and a more relaxed the baby, in contrast to sitting up with the baby tense as it tries to protect itself from falling through space.

Getting comfortable, leaning back, enjoying being skin-to-skin… if you’re having trouble breastfeeding, try leaning back. Save  ‘leaning in’ for later. There’s plenty of time.

– Kristen, When at Home

When Leaning In Doesn't Work


This summer is promising to be a scorcher, and I wanted to remind all mothers that babywearing can get pretty toasty, and to take a break when you get too hot. 

Over Memorial Day weekend I received these sweet pictures from first time moms, Katie, of Roseville, CA, where the temperature was over 90, along  with the caption, “I’m wearing Ben in your carrier right now!  I love it and he seems to as well.  He is fast asleep!

I LOVE hearing from moms, and always reply, but I was also thinking about the heat, and wrote back, “Hi Katie, Great! Just remember, on a hot day like today, take breaks— or move inside where it is cool. When you are too warm, so is Ben.’

Katie emailed me back a few minutes later to thank me for the reminder and to say she was moving inside where it is cooler. 

Being skin-to-skin has lots of benefits, but it also generates body heat.
Let your own body be your guide…when you’re too warm, so is your babytake a break.



Your Chief Mother Officer

Grandmothers joy!

Grandmothers joy!

Dear Julie,

Your baby carrier has helped me to be a great baby sitter for our daughter. Little Mika is just so settled and content in it. Your product is excellent and we wish you success.

Pictured: myself ( Felicity), 
baby Mika and daughter Ester in Auckland , New Zealand

Every time I get an email like this I get the ‘goosies’! What a beautiful way for Mika to begin life!

Please send your pictures!  The Nesting Days community is circling the globe!