It was hard to put SOLD OUT on my original Nesting Days designs. So many mothers
and babies have loved the original polka dot and floral designs.

New Collection

While Iʼve been excited about the two new version I was working on, it wasnʼt in my
plans to discontinue the original prints, but, as is so often the case, things donʼt always
go exactly as planned. The company who supplied me with the prints unexpectedly
stopped doing printing, but could sell me the fabric. I felt confident I could find a fabric
printer on the West Coast who could execute the printing, and ordered the yardage. I
tried first in San Francisco, and then in Los Angeles. Iʼve been here for three days, but
so far, no one can duplicate the printing process. Thereʼs a chance that I can bring
these back, but I had to make the hard decision last night to take them off the site.
These may be ʻcollectorsʼ items in the future!

Iʼve been getting requests for an all black version and an organic cotton version and
went to work months ago to develop these new styles. I think they will be winners! The
mid-August delivery date looks good, and Iʼll keep updating you on the ʻdelivery dateʼ,
incase they come early. The nylon has the same soft but strong compression as the
original, and the organic cotton has a slightly more relaxed compression, but both
provide hands free babywearing and gentle body shaping. Feel free to email me with

To introduce our two new styles, we are offering a discount of 20% on orders placed between July 17 to August 17. When you place your pre-orders be sure to note your ʻdelivery
dateʼ or ʻshower dateʼ so I can get you yours in time. If youʼve already ordered a polka dot or floral, Iʼve been saving a handful for you and Iʼll be emailing you in the next few days about
your order. If you can wait until mid-August, and prefer one of the new styles, Iʼm happy to make the change to your order. The 20% only applies to purchases made at full-price.

So, thatʼs the news from the nest. Being the Chief Mother Officer is a little like being a new mother. Each new day brings new surprises.

Chief Mother Officer
Nesting Days Newborn Carriers

20% off Discount Code ʻPRE-ORDERʼ July 17 to Aug 17

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