New Review & Giveaway by 7x7xMommy!

We love reading what our customers and bloggers think of our carrier! Check out this review by 7x7xMommy and click through to her site to see more photos of Nesting Days in action and enter to win one of your own!


Once I pulled the Nesting Days carrier out of its adorable packaging, I had a great feeling about it because the fabric was so soft, the instructions seemed clear, and I loved that it was black and white (so it would go with my entire “wardrobe” which consists of primarily black workout pants). And once I put the carrier on I realized how incredibly comfortable it was…it was like an extension of the yoga pants I was wearing but it actually served an incredibly useful purpose – it helped me hold my baby hands free!

Now that we’re five weeks into Caroline’s life, I have come up with the following takeaways from my experience with the Nesting Days carrier ::

  1. It is extremely comfortable
  2. Caroline loves being close to my chest and my heartbeat, so it’s the perfect place to make her happy
  3. After a little practice, it’s easy to get on and adjust
  4. It makes skin to skin time easy (especially with how busy I can be with the other girls)
  5. It’s easy to care for
  6. It’s pretty – I can’t say that about my other carriers!

And since this is an honest review, I have discovered one aspect that leads me to wear it almost exclusively at home. It’s the fact that I have to pull it on from the bottom up. Since I’m typically running around like a chicken with my head cut off when I’m out and about, I have found that it can be hard to get the carrier on as quickly as I’d like to. That being said, when I’m home I will put it on in the morning and leave it on all the time since it’s so comfortable – I could never do that with a Bjorn or other carriers that have hard, uncomfortable parts!

Read the rest of the review here and share the giveaway with your friends! 

One thought on “New Review & Giveaway by 7x7xMommy!

  1. I love the polka dot one!!!–Due in August with 3rd boy! (I have a 1 and 2 year old boy already:)) Is this how I enter to win??

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