Meet Rebekka…

Rebekka-Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

“I received the Nesting Days carrier as a gift for the birth of my second child. With my first born, who is now 3, I tried several other carriers, but always found flaws with each one. They were too complicated, bulky, or not snugly enough for my little one. Now that I have my Nesting Days carrier I don’t think I could live without it. It is easy to use, very comfortable to wear, holds my baby securely, and is stylish. Each time I am out I receive compliments and questions about where I got it. My little one sleeps comfortably in it on the go or when I’m at home. I love wearing my little one and this carrier is the way to do it. It is by far the best carrier out there!  Thank you, Julie!!!!!”


Portland, Oregon

Nesting Days in September

Wednesday night I attended a beautiful reception for the graduates of the Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment program.

My wonderful social media and marketing consultant, Stephanie Echeveste, was among the women being honored, for completing her business plan for her business, ETXE.

It was sweet in many ways, since 15 years ago, I began my career as a entrepreneurial trainer at WI.  Where do the years go?

The keynote speaker was former graduate, Sharone Mendes, the owner of Carmel Blue, a lovely pregnancy and parenting store in North Beach and a shining example of what is possible.  I’m seeing her today to show her Nesting Days!

The last of the September Kickstarter shipments are going out this week, and in spite of there not being enough hours in the day, I’m enclosing a handwritten thank you note in each.  I am still deeply touched at the sweet support of family, friends and strangers.

Thanks to the skilled workmanship of my local production team, the product is beautiful, and Nesting Days is now a member of SFMade. Testimonials from moms keep rolling in, and changing the way we welcome babies into the world is happening one baby at a time.

Next weekend, Saturday September 28 and Sunday 29, Nesting Days will be at the Treasure Island Flea Market to meet new moms. They’ll even be having kite flying activities for kids. I’m enjoying building my booth in the backyard–the creative process can be messy! Come visit us and see our booth!

October 2nd I begin my Start Your Own Fashion Business class at the Renaissance Center for Entrepreneurship , and this time I’ll have lots of stories to share as I ‘walk-the-talk’.

Every day new challenges — and I’m living proof that you’re never too old to learn.

Julie, Your Chief Mother Officer

Meet Lauren…

Lauren-Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

“When Johnny was born I was BLESSED to have Julie Arvan‘s prototype for her newborn carrier. I didn’t anticipate needing it much, as Jay had been such a great sleeper who loved stretching out on the floor during the day. Johnny came into this world announcing that he was not Jaymie and didn’t intend to act anything like her. He was my ‘body baby,’ who would ONLY sleep upright, against me. We couldn’t have survived his first 8 weeks of reflux and wakeful nights without this wonderful carrier. Mommies, daddies, friends of mommies & mommies to be, check it out and consider kickstarting Julie’s business. Before the baby fits in your Ergo, this is a must-have!”


Cupertino, California

Meet Karen…

Karen - Nesting Days Newborn Carriers

“The Nesting Days Newborn Carrier makes it very easy for me to carry and breastfeed my baby when needed at home and on the go! Because it is very stylish and comfortable, it allows me to wear it out as a top over my nursing bra. I highly recommend it to all breastfeeding mother.”


San Francisco, California



Meet Anke…

AnkeandMiai-Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

“I have been wearing the nestingdays carrier since my daughter Maia was about two weeks old and about 7.5 pounds. It is super practical and comfortable. On top of that it is fashionable and I really consider it more of a top or shirt rather than a baby carrier. I always wear it when going out to dinner with my baby for example. The simple style goes with many things and the fabric can be easily cleaned. Maia sometimes nurses in it and eventually falls asleep. She seems very happy hanging out with me when wearing the nestingdays carrier. Happy baby, happy mama : )”


San Francisco, California

Made in San Francisco

We went to our cabin for the Labor Day weekend.

Getting away and working on our 10 acres of land in the Sierra Foothills felt restorative, but even as I ‘chop wood and carry water’, my thoughts drift to Nesting Days and its future.

The next 100 units of Nesting Days Newborn Carriers will be finished this week. They are being made in a little sewing shop located in the historic Dog Patch District of San Francisco, which is only five minutes from my home office, so I drop in often.

As someone who sews, I truly appreciate the skilled labor of the women who are making my product, and the feeling of family that permeates the shop floor.

With the growing ‘maker culture’ in San Francisco, the sewing factories are adjusting their workflow to make smaller production runs to meet the needs of customers like Nesting Days.

Making Nesting Days locally is very important to me, as is sustaining the sewing industry that has deep roots in our American culture.

It makes it cost a little more, but it is worth it.