Meet Wendy…


“My eight-week old baby craves being held close and hates being put down (waking or sleeping). This means hours of holding her and bouncing up and down, without a chance to do much else. Having a good sling is vital for me if I want to eat, answer the phone or run any errands. Nesting Days provides a secure, hands-free carrier for me to wear for hours. I have the option of wearing clothes or choosing skin-to-skin. I love the feeling of cradling her in my bosom. She’s snug and happy, and I’m incredibly comfortable. It’s easy to take the baby in and out and I like the way it looks. I’m a very happy customer.”


San Francisco, California


Meet Viviana…


“Stylish and super easy to wear (which is not the same for the more complicated Ergo), and above all it’s a hand-free option for a busy mom. Giulia, who is now two months old, loves to be snug inside this baby carrier. We stay skin to skin at home and even for a long walk (in most cases she falls asleep right away). It was amazing to discover the launch of this project in our city. It’s local and smart. We’ll support it.”


San Francisco, California

Beautiful mom, beautiful baby. Meet Honorine…


“I am in love with my Nesting Days carrier!  It is incredibly easy and quick to put on. The fabric is lightweight so my baby doesn’t overheat when we are out. The stretch of the fabric gives it a little bounce which is fabulous when it comes to soothing my little fussbucket. I just bounce a little on my heels and the Nesting Days does the rest. I use it every day, so the fact that it only takes twenty minutes to dry after washing is amazing.  It also looks super cute on, which you can’t say about many baby carriers. Having just given birth it’s a giant bonus to wear the baby in something that doesn’t make me feel like a huge frump. I have gotten comments from every mom that sees me in the carrier. Thanks Nesting Days!”


San Francisco, California

We did it!


THANK YOU for being the crowd that is funding Nesting Days’ first production.

THANK YOU for believing in me, and for seeing the potential Nesting Days has to change how we welcome babies into the world.

THANK YOU for being my first customers, and for spreading the word.

A special THANK YOU to my husband, George, for his amazing support throughout the campaign, and to Stephanie Echeveste for her patience and help with social media.

You ALL have filled my heart to overflowing!

If you missed out on the kickstarter campaign, you can now purchase a Nesting Days Newborn Carrier on our website!

Once you have your Nesting Days, show us photos! We love seeing new moms and new babies–just use #nestingdays and we’ll find them.

Your Chief Mother Officer,


Get ‘S2S’, trust you Right Brain and Lean Back

This weekend I had the opportunity to join a group of women who were all interested in what I’m interested in, namely; newborns, new mothers, skin-to-skin, and breastfeeding.

Each had their own story to tell, and I shared my baby/mommy carrier with them and got unanimous support!

In the last few years that I’ve been working on Nesting Days, the case for skin-to-skin (S2S) contact and instinctive nursing has become so compelling, that even those most opposed to change are starting to come around.

There is now irrefutable evidence that mother’s and babies who are put skin-to-skin, especially in the ‘golden hour’ following birth, and are allowed to latch unassisted, fair far better than babies that are separated from the the mother or are bottle fed or ‘taught’ to nurse.

What I mean by ‘taught’ is the practice that has become all the rage, where a new mother is instructed in how to get a proper ‘latch’.

Recent studies have shown that the more ‘left brain teaching’ that was going on, the less successful the outcome. Left alone, the ‘right brain instinct’ of both mother and baby did much better.

Bottom line, we are made to breastfeed.

It is how our species survived, and the instincts will plug in — if we trust and get out of the way! It is astounding what a newborn can do, and lactation is pretty incredible, too.

Next, lean back and enjoy it, right? I can’t tell you how many moms I meet who sit ram-rod straight up, with a ‘breast-friend’ pillow in some god awful color wrapped around their waist, gripping their babies head is a vice like grip, and holding it up to the nipple for dear life!  Oh my dear! Let’s start over.

I’ve been helping new mothers ‘lean back’  when they nurse ever since I heard Suzanne Colson speak several years ago.  Suzanne is the author of Laid Back Nursing and is a social anthropologist who has studied nursing in cultures around the world. She found that in almost every culture, other than our Western one, mothers let their babies lie, tummy to tummy with them, with their weight fully supported, to nurse.

And what about preemies?  For them, skin-to-skin is a key factor in helping mother and baby regain the conditioned instincts that enable them to nurse and bond.

So go S2S, trust your right brian and lean back —  you’ll never go back!

Your Chief Mother Officer,


6 days left!

That means only 6 more days to be the first to own a Nesting Days Newborn Carrier, or the first to give a Newborn Carrier to a mom and baby in need at San Francisco General Hospital, or the first to enjoy the Nesting Days Cabin in the Sierra Foothills!  We have even more rewards here.

Please tell everyone you know about Nesting Days on Kickstarter! Let’s keep changing the world, one baby at a time.